Inger Mewburn (Aka Thesis Whisperer), Research Educator

Anuja is my ‘go to’ person for qualitative analysis. Although a lot of people seek out her expertise on NVivo (which is extensive) her true strength is understanding research methods and how researchers can use technology to achieve what they need to do. I heartily endorse Anuja for the guidance she has generously provided me to set up and run my own NVivo work.

Centre for Law and Genetics, University of Tasmania

Anuja did a great job getting our team up-to-speed with using NVivo. Some of us had more experience with NVivo than others, and Anuja was willing to tailor her teaching to meet our needs. We found her earnest approach to research methods absolutely infectious, and left our sessions feeling motivated to advance our project. Most importantly, Anuja recognised the human aspects of qualitative research and provided advice based on her extensive experience in research and consultancy. Anyone considering working with Anuja should not hesitate to do so.

November 2019

Jonathan O’Donnell. Senior Research Initiative Coordinator – Faculty of Science at University of Melbourne

Anuja is amazing. She has a passion for research methods and she is a whizz with NVivo. She brings her passion and her intensity to everything she does.

I’ve worked with Anuja in a range of capacities, and I’ve enjoyed everything that we have done together. We first met when we were both research fellows at RMIT, attached to the Smart Services Cooperative Research Centre. I was looking at how people use the Internet. She was looking at micro-finance and banking. Our interests overlapped in looking at the technology of banking and finance. Together we built an excellent library of information about micro-finance in Australia.

When I began my PhD, Anuja provided me with expert advice on how to structure my research and how to frame it, as well as the best ways to make NVivo work for me (I’m no master in that regard).

I’ve loved every minute of working with Anuja. She is a colleague that I like and that I trust. I look forward to our next project together.

November 2019

Merle Singer. Culture Shifter, People Developer, Passionate Facilitator and Coach

Anuja is amazing… yes she is smart, yes she is talented, yes she is uber-skilled… but what sets Anuja apart is her exceptional demeanour – she is kind, she is gentle, she is clear, she is totally focused on supporting and aiding you. I am not an academic nor a sage and doing research whilst someone compassionately holds your hand and provides input, direction and practical improvements is a magnificent experience. I would work with Anuja in a heartbeat. 

November 2019

Tracey Harris. CEO: Amovita International. PhD Candidate at Griffith University

I am currently a PhD candidate in Qld and have had the privilege of having Dr Cabraal as my NVivo and qualitative research supervisor, coach and mentor over the last year and a half. There is so much to say about her. Her guidance, support, and patience as a professional and coach is inspirational. Nothing is a problem, she has a way of making those she works with feel special in what their research is about, is patient in showing the way, building skills and knowledge and making the research journey an enjoyable one. Her skills and talents are obvious and she is all about ensuring the success of those she coaches and mentors. Anuja is such a gentle and kind person that is here to make a difference. Thank you so much Dr Cabraal and I look forward to next year working closely with you to progress my research. As a PhD student and professional I feel very thankful to have her on my journey.

November 2019