These two workshops can be run individually, or as a two day package. The Foundations workshops provides users with all they need to get started with coding and analysis in NVivo. The Further Exploration provides details of all the special features in NVivo that can be used to further analysis and understanding of data. They workshops are designed to work together, and can also work as stand-alone sessions.

Getting Started with NVivo: Coding and analysis

This workshop is an introduction to NVivo and is suitable for researchers using qualitative methodology. It is best suited to those who have collected or are in the process of collecting data. This course provides a basic overview of NVivo and takes participants through the process importing a variety of data into the software and begin coding. It provides coding tips and techniques, and will cover some of the basic tools to help get you started with analysis.

There will be time at the end of the workshop for attendees to work with their own data and ask questions that pertain to their own projects.

NVivo: Further Exploration of Data

This workshop is suited to students who have a basic understanding of NVivo, have collected data and started coding using NVivo. In this workshop, you will learn how to deep-dive into your data using the tools and features of NVivo such as Queries, word clouds, charts, mind-maps and models.

There will be time for participants to work with their own data and ask questions that pertain to their projects.

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