I have been a researcher since 2004. I completed my PhD in January 2011 in the area of microfinance, and social and financial exclusion. I have tutored and taught research methods and an undergraduate and post-graduate level. I’m also a certified Platinum trainer and consultant in NVivo, a qualitative research software program (CAQDAS) designed to help make the process of qualitative data analysis easier.

I have researched many different areas, including learning and teaching, banking as well as architecture. The two areas that have been my favourite however, are migration and identity studies and an examination of social and financial exclusion. I also have real passion for research methods.

This blog is about sharing information around the research process.

If you would like to organise a workshop or consultancy please email me at anuja.cabraal@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Anuja,

    Thank you for your informative posts. I plan to capture my research journal in NVivo. I think I have two ways to accomplished this:

    1) I can create journal entries external to NVivo using word and then import it

    adv = file is backed up on my computer
    disav = time taken to import into Internal folder

    2) I can create journal entries internal using memo functionality

    adv = quicker
    disav = no second copy (also this options tightly couples me to NVivio; what
    would it mean if I ceased being a student and did not renew lic)

    Both appears to provide the same word type functionality.

    Do you have any thoughts? Presently, I am thinking I am over analyzing it and I just need to pick either solution and get on with it.


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